Friday, April 29, 2011

Root Down - Denver

For about three weeks I've been meaning to blog about a fabulous dining experience I had recently in Denver. I was there for work, and one of my colleagues who lives in the city took us to Root Down for dinner.

I love this restaurant's philosophy:
Root Down aims to connect the neighborhood to a dining experience in the same way ingredients are connected to food. There should be a seamless bond between the elements and experience, which stimulates the senses and draws people in.

They use as many seasonal, local, and organic ingredients as possible.

Oh... and the food is delicious.

Alice and I are super-excited about the tapas-style meal we are about to have. (My friend Edlyn is there too; she's behind the camera)

Beet gnocchi! Why isn't this available everywhere? So much better than regular gnocchi.

Cheese plate. Everyone I work with is serious about cheese. This plate contained one of my all-time favorite cheeses: Barely Buzzed. Yes. I am that food nerd who has a favorite artisan cheese.

We also each had a slider: Edlyn and I had duck, and Alice had vegetarian. Gotta love tiny sandwiches.

For dessert? Pot de creme!

And then Alice and I were exhausted from a long day of traveling, work, and eating.

One thing I don't know: Did the restaurant get its name from the Beastie Boys classic?

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