Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today ...

(a series of musings)

I. I looked in my garbage today.
My garbage mostly consists of food waste (banana peels, egg shells) and the random bits of packaging (Code 6 plastic and flat-pack cardboard) that our city recycling doesn't accept. For a split-second, I rejoiced at how much I had reduced the amount of waste I'm producing. And then I thought, "Drat! I should be composting." The only thing is ... I'm extremely sensitive (to the dry-heaving extreme) to the sight of food where food doesn't belong. I'm not sure composting is something I could handle. Pondering begins.

II. It's summer.
No, you're probably thinking, it's spring. Except I live in Texas, where it is already 82 degrees. When I was a kid, 80+ degree temperatures were a sign of summer. My A/C is already on, sucking electricity. Wait while I flagellate myself out of guilt.

III. I'm back from the self-flagellation. OK. Speaking of beatings, go see Jane Eyre.
In case you haven't read Jane Eyre, our titular heroine receives a lot of beatings in her childhood.... now that I've made the cheap connection to my previous point, I want to urge you to go see Cary Fukunaga's stunning version of Jane. Jane Eyre is the uber-text for isolated smart girls, and Fukunaga (along with Mia Wasikowska as Jane, and Michael Fassbender as Rochester) realizes - visually and narratively -- the novel's modernity while honoring our need for bonnet porn. Go see it.

IV. Gratuitous Spain picture.

Casa Mila.


ren said...

Hiya Cat!

Oooh yes - do give composting a whirl. Do you have a garden? Just put a covered compost bin in a sunny corner and next thing you know, you'd have made your own fresh soil :)

I love following your blogposts. Your pics of Spain make me want to go back there some point soon.

Hope you are keeping well :)

Ren xo

Darci said...

You should do worm composting! It is fun and super easy, and if you do it right, it just smells like dirt.

Wombat Central said...

We have a compost bin, so you could realistically drop the stuff in and not look while doing so. Our neighbors have a compost ball that they roll around the yard. Eco-friendly and fun! :D

fourthbreakfast said...

Ooh. I read Jane Eyre a long time ago. I didn't remember the beatings. That shot of Casa Mila is lovely.