Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pay It Forward Award!

One of the best things about blogging is the community it creates. I'm always so grateful to share my world with friends and strangers around the interwebs.

That's why I was so stoked that twice in the last week, fellow bloggers chose to bestow the "Pay It Forward" Award on Light Green.

The Pay It Forward Award was invented as a way that bloggers can share blogs that entertain or inspire them. And then you pay the love forward. I love that this award is for members of the amazing internet blogging family to give each other shout outs. It's so nice to know that others are reading!

When you receive the award you do the following:

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
Light Green received the award from Kelly at Sluice (who has the most adorable story about how she met her honey) and nluvwthmybstfrnd over at My Voice (who has a ton of hilarious stories and also got a Kindle for her birthday just like I did).

3. Award 5 recently-discovered blogs.
  • Motherhood And More: Full disclosure. Annie, the author of this blog, is a friend from high school. She recently revamped her blog, however, making it awesome and inspiring me to read it religiously. Annie writes about homeschooling her three "moppets," her life of faith as a Baha'i, and her musings on eating too much chocolate.
  • Mommy By Day: This is the blog of Natalie, a mom who loves the outdoors. I love reading about her outside adventures and seeing pics of how her daughter gamely follows her parents into the great wild North.
  • Postcards From Oblivion: Wombat writes all about her hilarious adventures on this blog, as well as featuring Movie Mondays and Random Act Wednesdays. Wombat always brings a smile to my face, especially when she shares pics of all of the crazy stuff she sees when she goes out shopping.
  • Jess Reads Stuff: This blog is mainly about books and I love it! Jess is the lynchpin of the internet book club I'm in, and she has inspired me to read many books I wouldn't normally try out. She's in the midst of the Year of Reading Dangerously. Check it out to see what that means.
  • The Write Christine: This is another book blog, and I love it that Christine has the chutzpah to subtitle her blog: Final Judgment on the Arts and Letters of Our Time. Voracious readers, check out her amazing reviews.
3. Contact them and tell them about the award.
Will do.

4. Tell 7 things about yourself.
I don't know what this has to do with the above, but OK. Here goes:
  • I lived in 5 different houses between the ages of 5 and 10.
  • I taught for four years in a low-income community in Houston, TX. I often think about going back to the classroom.
  • Four years ago, I had a freak accident and impaled my toe on a drill bit, which broke off and embedded itself next to the bone. It was in my toe for three weeks, and it's now hanging in a baggie on my refrigerator.
  • Southeast Utah is one of my favorite places on Earth. When people think that's weird, I know they've never been to Utah.
  • I LOVE museums, aquariums, and botanical gardens.
  • I'm easily obsessed. Previous amazing obsessions: Jane Austen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, knitting (that's pretty much a recurring obsession), ramen, and Kierkegaard.
  • My favorite book is Winter's Tale, by Mark Helprin. When I was little, my parents read it and I remember it sitting around the house. Years later I picked it up at a used book shop and became fascinated by this tale of mythical New York. I also love Mark Helprin's A City In Winter.
Thanks again, friends!


Kelly said...

I love that blue ribbon!

Jessica said...

Aw, Catfish, you're such a dear. We will have to make sure next time I'm down in Austin that we hang out. There's not much halfway between Houston & Austin (I've made that drive enough times to know) but I'm sure we could work something out.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention! :) I'm very flattered. I'm also very glad the odd things that amuse me while I'm out shopping makes someone else giggle as well.

Catfish said...

Thaks, friends. Jess, I didn't know you came to Austin a lot. I'm always up for Austin!