Saturday, January 8, 2011

Once upon a time ...

... there was a giant plastic garbage pile.

Catfish, shut up, you might be thinking. It's Saturday morning, and you're already getting depressing.

That's true. I just watched this delightful and nostalgic French video in which kids try to guess what obsolete technologies might have been used for (the kids get pretty close; you can see the prior stages of technological evolution in all of these items).

The video made me all mopey, though. Technology is changing faster and faster. I mean, the rotary-dial telephone was used for decades. My sister has a vintage one that still works. New technologies, however, not only become obsolete, but they tend to be more fragile. We're forced to replace them because they don't last and it's actually cheaper to buy new than get things repaired.

Sigh. That's enough thinking about sad things. Think I'll go play with my new phone now.


Unknown said...

I remember those big floppy discs!

Um, does that make me really old?

Catfish said...

I have to admit, Wombat, it made me feel a little younger when I DIDN'T recognize everything in the video.