Sunday, January 2, 2011

In 2011 ...

It's 2011 - holla! (I've resolved to use more retro slang in the new year, dudes and dudettes! As if such a thing was actually possible).

It's taken me a couple of days to get my new year's resolutions in order; I needed some time for rest and reflection (read: time to lie on my couch moaning that I will never, ever stay out until last call again). However, I've come up with a list of intentions for 2011, and I've arranged them into categories - Learn, Go, Do.

Hmm... maybe I can turn this year into a memoir, and then they can make it into a movie. Only thing: I need to meet a guy worthy of being played by Javier Bardem. If you know anyone, have them send me a C.V.

So, here they are:


  • How to sew in a zipper
  • How to do short-row shaping (it's a knitting thing)
  • How to bake bread (yes, my body has been overtaken by a young Victorian woman who created my resolutions for me)
  • Improve my Spanish

  • To Spain! (This is already in the works -- I'm heading to Madrid and Barcelona in March)
  • To at least three American cities I haven't visited before (should be easy; work takes me all over the U.S.)
  • To at least one new restaurant per month
  • Finish the novel I started during National Novel Writing Month; I have about 10,000 words to go, I think.
  • Blog 3x per week -- more info on this soon
  • Work up to exercising 5x per week; I'm going to start with 3.
  • Tackle one item from my big to-do list every other week. This list involves things like finding a place to recycle my old microwave and the paint that the former tenant of my apartment left behind.
  • Renew my commitment to eating more sustainably.
This might seem like a rather long list, but a lot of these are things that I used to do regularly, but have gotten away from in the last year or so.

My biggest goal of the year, however, is a doozy: I want to move. I'm not sure exactly whether it will be a cross-country move or a cross-town move, but I need a slightly larger, more adult place, and one that is more energy-efficient. Unfortunately, my brain resists this resolution because I hate moving (I mean -- is there anyone who really likes wrapping each dish individually in newspaper?). However, I think it's important. Feel free to advocate that I move to your locale!


thelifeofdesmondriley said...

Move here here here! Not San Leandro (zzz), but Oakland. There are sewing classes, and easy recycling options, and great restaurants, and an urban homesteading school (includes bread baking), and lots of Spanish speakers, and great exercise options, and a huge slow food movement, and farmers markets up the wazoo. If you move here I promise we will have oh-so-much fun. Please?

Catfish said...

Wow, Sara has really set the standard for trying to convince me to move to her city. Next?

Darci said...

Well, I would try to convince you to move to Spokane, but I know it's not going to happen. So here goes: Seattle. It is close to 2 members of your immediate family, you have friends there and in cities very nearby, it is liberal and eco-friendly (I know it is no Portland though). And trust me from experience, the rain is totally doable. It hardly ever snows and its mild and green in the winter. And nothing beats a sunny day in Seattle. There is a super hip new market that opened on Capitol Hill- check it out online- its the Melrose Market.

Unknown said...

As much as I'd love for you to move to western New York, I couldn't wish the grey months of winter on anyone. :P I love the way you organized your resolutions! I'd buy that book! ;)

Jenny said...

Portland Portland Portland. It's everything you want and more!