Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go-Go Organic!

Why is organic better?

Because organic food rots.

Catfish, what? you are probably thinkinYou like rotten food?

No, I don't like rotten food, but food is supposed to rot if it's not eaten in a timely fashion. That's the way that nature made it. That's what our bodies were made to process.

So what kind of alliance with the devil results in these?

What are these? These are plums.

I bought these non-organic plums because sometimes the grocery store doesn't have organic. And then I kept them on the counter for several days. Then I was going away for a week and I meant to take them, but I forgot. So they stayed in my house (about 80 degrees in the day, since I wasn't there) on the counter. When I got back, they were still fine. So I put them in the fridge. I carried them back and forth from work to home several times, but kept forgetting to eat them. I took them to San Antonio in my lunch kit and back. Then they sat in the fridge for another week.

Four weeks later. Still edible. But I can't eat them, because they are so unholy.


Darci said...

That is seriously weird. Our produce box has been arriving with an ungodly amount of organic plums. And they definitely rot!

Catfish said...

See? Real food rots. What are they doing to these non-organic foods that they don't rot. I finally threw them away. I just couldn't bring myself to eat them.

Ren said...

Hahah! Brilliant, Catfish! I totally hear ya!

Hope you are keeping well :o)

Catfish said...

You too, Renee!