Monday, June 14, 2010

Upcycled Lounge Pants

Since getting my sewing machine for Christmas, I've been beating around the bush when it comes to tackling actual wearable projects. After managing to make a small stuffed elephant that involved a great deal of precise work (done imprecisely) I decided I was ready.

I'd heard pyjama pants are the easiest clothing item to make and my copy of Sewing Green suggested they could be made with a reclaimed bed sheet.

I used to have some adorable purple chrysanthemum sheets that I haven't been using since the cat, in his kittenhood, clawed a few holes in the fitted sheet. However, I've saved them and thought they would make the perfect lounge pants.

I trimmed them with fabric from a quilter's quarter yard. Most of the sewing went smoothly, although some of the cuffs are not 100% straight and some of the hems are a bit bunchy. However, the pants are super-comfy, soft, and purple - my favorite color.

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