Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jump on the Christmas Crazy Train

Every time I see FoxNews, I feel a little woozy. You know, most of us who don't watch it are happy to just say, "hey, they're crazy. Don't pay any attention to them."

But I think it's easy to forget exactly how crazy they are and how they revel in being uneducated about the facts. Thankfully, John Stewart's writing staff does our dirty work for us, and watches so we don't have to.

Watch this clip of Samantha Bee interviewing a FoxNews correspondent. And remember that there are people who take this SERIOUSLY. And then get excited because the kids in this clip seem to have been inoculated against bs. Congratulations to their teachers and parents for raising some awesome girls.

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(Watch the opening tag for a Yeats reference! W.B. woot! woot!)

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