Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Get Crazy with Al Gore

Al Gore was once on Congress's cutting edge. Then came that presidential campaign, the one that did to Al what the presidency seems to have done to Barack H. Obama (don't hate me because I'm truthy ...) - neutered him.

But Al.G got his balls back after that whole Florida rigamarole, and his appearance on SNL this weekend urged us all to get a little cray-cray, as my friend Melanie would put it.

Yes, Al was hyperbolizing for the sake of humor, but I can't help but wondering at the truth (not truthiness) beneath it all.

Isn't it time to get crazy?

Glenn Beck is crying on your TV and advertising his Christmas special at the movies.

Sarah Palin is wearing short shorts and netting salmon.

And liberals are trying to pretend they are actually "progressives."

Let's follow Al's lead and get crazy.

Let's call ourselves liberals (because there's nothing progressive about the so-called "progressive" agenda.)

Let's call out those who don't believe in global warming and stop addressing their position as if it makes sense. It doesn't.

Let's admit that we have religious faith (or don't) and let's admit that our beliefs, whatever they are, are the foundation of our politics. The right does it. So can we.

Let's stop apologizing for the truth that minorities, immigrants, women, and homosexuals are people.

Let's put it out on the floor of the Capitol: Americans have a right to health care. Period.

Let's stop quibbling about how we're going to educate all of America's kids, and do it, because it's possible. While we're at it, let's stop making excuses that "kids will succeed if their parents support them" and make it happen even for those who don't have any support -- because it's not a seven-year-old's fault if his parents don't read to him.

Let's get cra ...

Well, none of this is crazy. But we've been led to believe that it is. We've been acting like it is. We've been behaving like shame-faced kids with our hands in the cookie jar, trying to address every argument FoxNews sends our way.

Al Gore was joking. But we shouldn't be.

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Tori said...

Bravo! Sorry for my late reply to this...I was busy educating America's children (because we can dammit!)

And maybe I am just that kind of crazy!