Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Recycling Break-through #1!: The folks at work decided they felt bad about throwing stuff away. I mentioned (not for the first time) that I took home recycling every day, and I would take home their stuff too. "Oh," someone said, "Is that why all those plastic bags are sitting by the sink?" We all agreed that, even though there is no recycling at our building, we would buy some bins for our office and take the stuff to a recycling center.

Recycling Break-through #2!: One of my neighbors saw me dropping off a coupon circular in the recycling bin and asked me when they take the bins. I launched into my recycling spiel and he was positive in his response.

Score 2 for Mama Earth!

City-wide Break-through!: Houston now has an initiative to build solar-powered, super-energy efficient homes for low-income families. This makes complete sense. Who needs to save money on energy (well, more than the rest of us). Low-income families. Yet, too often, green living is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Score for Houston, Mama Earth, and the Good Guys!

Please pardon all the exclamation points - but haven't we been waiting for some good news?

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