Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day - What did you do for the planet today?

This is a cute video about how to be green at work. The actors look delighted to be green.

My work is not green-friendly. We don't have control of the termperature, many of the lights, or the windows and outside doors. There is no way to recycle. Every day, I bring home used paper, plastic yogurt cups, and soda cans to recycle here at home. I've asked others if they want me to take their used items home as well - but they don't.

p Preachiness Alert p

Which brings me to my next point. I, like most people, surround myself with like-minded individuals. This can give one the impression that everyone agrees with you. My friends tend to be artsy, activist, vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly, recycled-toilet-paper-using types. So I was a little surprised when I clicked on some Earth Day links (MSN has a cool story about green scams) and saw the vitriol being spouted in the comments sections. Just head over to YouTube and read the comments below the video seen above. Many people are ANGRY about the greening of our culture. It's funny, because to me, green living can only be an economic and social benefit.

Take global warming. So, I happen to want to make out with Al Gore, and therefore believe every word he says. But let's say that evil gnomes made him say all that stuff in his movie. Let's say global warming is the biggest glob of horse spit ever heard on earth. The changes we make due to the belief in global warming, however, can only be positive. Less pollution? Awesome. Less waste? Cool. More public transportation? Sign me up.

It just goes to show, fear of change - any change - runs deep.

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Darci said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm thinking of looking for a new hair dresser just on the sole reason that she doesn't believe in global warming. Hmph