Monday, February 2, 2009

Product Review - Envirosax

Usability: ***** (out of 5)

Appearance: *****

I found it at: their website

Other stuff: Folds up, carries up to 44 lbs., price ranges (for the non-organic bags) from $7.95-8.50

See below for the scoop

I like things that do exactly what they are supposed to, and Envirosax fit the bill. They are re-usable shopping bags that can roll up and fit in a purse, and they are attractive to boot. I particularly like them because the straps are long enough to go over a shoulder, and groceries for an entire week will fit in one or two bags.

They also counter-act the evil eye one sometimes gets in the check-out line when you pull out a wadded pile of bags. Instead of glaring, usually the courtesy clerk says: "Those are cool!" if a teenage boy, or "Oh my gosh! Those are so cute" if a teenage girl.

Envirosax makes several different lines, including floral and solid colors. They have also introduced a line of organic bags, made of bamboo, hemp, and linen. They are a bit more expensive ($24.95) and they don't carry quite as much, but they are darn cute. The company also makes shower timers, for those of you who are really dedicated and time your water usage.

Below, see how Envirosax fold up and fit in purse. They could also fit in a pocket, for the un-pursed types out there.

Fold bag in half.

Fold down the handles.

Roll it up and fasten the snap.

Here I have 3 Envirosax in my purse!

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