Sunday, February 8, 2009

DIY Sunday - Knitting Cast-On

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I might post a simple scarf pattern I created for my sister, but then thought, maybe people would like to learn to knit first. Knitting is a great DIY hobby, because it's easy (no, REALLY!) and it's forgiving (if I'm lyin', I'm dyin'). Mistakes can usually be corrected with simple work-arounds that disappear when you're looking at a larger, finished project. Of course, I'm a pretty Zen knitter, not really a perfectionist.

There are two other reasons I like knitting, and why you might like it too:

1. You get useful things when you've finished a project. Scarves, baby jackets, blankets, sweaters - all useful. A lot of other crafts seem to produce dust collectors.

2. Knitting makes me feel connected to history. Women (and men!) have been knitting forever. I like to think that I'm spending my time in the same way my foremothers did, although they didn't have acrylic wool blends.

So, if you want to start knitting, the first thing you need to know is ...

How To Cast On

You will need:

Knitting Needles
- I think Size 10 or 11 would be good for beginning
Yarn - Some basic wool or acrylic is good to start with - you don't want anything with weird texture when you begin.

Every knitting pattern begins with:

Cast on ____ number of stitches

Because it would take many, many photos to demonstrate this, I'm going to let the folks at knittv show you. Also, the girl has an awesome British accent. She's demonstrating what's called the "Two-Needle Method," which is the way I cast on.

Practice this a bit -- it's good to get the hang of this.

Next week: How to knit.

Then you'll only need one other skill to make a scarf! (And if you're thinking -- it's almost spring, why would I need a scarf? you obviously haven't seen the girls who walk around my neighborhood wearing short-shorts, stiletto platforms, a tank top, and scarf)


Darci said...

Love it! I'd also like to add that knitting is the best because you will mostly likely keep your knitted items forever- I mean who could throw out something they knit themselves, right?

Tori said...

I'm getting inspired...I've always been better at crochet. Something about getting both hands going at once is elusive to me. But I may just have to give it another try.

Catfish said...

Definitely give knitting a try, Tori. I actually find it EASIER than crochet. And I agree, Darci, who could trhow away something you knitted?