Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's the Point?

So, what's the point of this new, 2009-flavored endeavour?

There are lots of green-themed, sustainability-related blogs and websites out there. But frankly, I find them a little off-putting. I try to live green (or, at least, light green!). In Houston, TX, it's not always easy. The city is just finding its footing in terms of supporting ecologically-friendly lifestyles. We're building light rail, we're recycling more and more. I make mistakes. I have reusable grocery sacks - but I forget them all the time. Sometimes I throw away something I could have recycled. When I read a lot of books or websites about green living, I feel overwhelmed and guilty.

If green-minded folks take a holier-than-thou attitude, we're not going to convince busy people to join the cause. My personal opinion is that it's better for everyone to do their best at living sustainably, than for 1% of the population to have a size-zero carbon footprint while 99% of the population walks around in Bigfoot's carbon boots.

So here's what I plan to feature here:

1. Honest product reviews of green/organic products. Just because it says organic/vegetarian/ cruelty-free/ energy-saving doesn't mean it works or tastes good. And vice versa. I'm only going to review things I've actually used myself in my daily life.

2. Links and info about DIY projects and crafts. I think that when we create things ourselves, we appreciate them more.

3. Chronicles of things I've tried, mistakes and missteps, etc.

4. News about Houston's attempts at greenihood.

And if I get preachy, I'll alert you, with a:


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Unknown said...

I think Henry said it quite succinctly when he explained to his Dad, "it's about being green without being mean." Six year olds get it, so I'm sure the rest of the world will someday too. I love your new blog:)