Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No-Buy Month


And lo, verily, though I walk through the Simon Malls Galleria during No-Buy Month, and gazeth upon an outfit that would be perfect when I present in front of 150 people tomorrow, the Lord giveth me strength, and I avoideth temptation!

Actually, I'm not so strong. If I didn't have a raging sinus cold, I probably would have gone in and tried on the outfit and if it fit, I probably would have justified buying it, despite the fact that it is decidedly non-consumable and No-Buy Month is about not buying non-consumables ("It's for work!"). Luckily, I was feeling crappy, and didn't have the energy to walk inside.

I did cheat the other day at the grocery store, buying a spray bottle that cost $2.59. It is NOT consumable. I am, however, going to use it to spray vinegar instead of bleach, so at least it's a bit greenie.

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